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I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and migrated to the United States at the age of 7 after the death of my mother. I lived in Michigan until the age of 10 with my father and siblings before moving to New Jersey. While in New Jersey, I initially lived with my maternal aunts, but then eventually moved in with my older siblings during my high school years.

Since at a young age, I knew I wanted to practice medicine. I attended Science High School in Newark, NJ and was grateful to have been accepted to the 8-year combined BS/MD program at Montclair State University and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (formerly known as UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School). I was able to complete my undergraduate studies in 3 years, which allowed me to start my medical school education a year earlier. I went on to complete my Internal Medicine residency training at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), followed by Cardiology fellowship training at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital/ Washington Hospital Center.

I now practice medicine as a board-certified non-invasive cardiologist with MedStar Cardiology Associates at MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute. My clinical interest focuses on women’s heart health, cardio-obstetrics and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. I work closely with obstetricians to manage cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, and preeclampsia during pregnancy. I have also remained committed to improving health in my community through education. As part of my commitment, I frequently give talks focused on women’s heart health at events such as the MedStar Montgomery Medical Center’s annual Wine, Women & Heart Health Event. This annual event for the local community was developed after I joined the medical staff. I have been interviewed on WJLA ABC7 News, NBC4 Washington and Caps Radio, and have also been featured on and Popsugar.

Although I overcame many adversities as a motherless child, I didn’t believe that my story was worth sharing with others until now… This change in perspective came about after several of my female patients wanted me to help them to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. These women had heard about the rising maternal death rates in the US, and they did not want to become a statistic. The more I researched the data on maternal death rates and the emerging field of cardio-obstetrics, the more I realized that there was a huge gap between what cardiologists were learning from the scientific research (the link between cardiovascular health and maternal health), and what women heard from
their care providers, which in many cases was nothing.  According to the CDC, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths, and almost two thirds of those deaths are preventable!

The death of a mother is never easy, whether it is experienced during early childbirth or later in life. The sobering reality of the rising maternal death rates and its devastating impact on the lives of children brought me to my newfound purpose, which is to join the fight in reducing the maternal death rates. Although my mother died from a different preventable medical disease, I know firsthand of the heartache and difficulties that come with not having a mother. The pain of that loss never goes away. No child should have to grow up without their mother, especially when the death could have been prevented with appropriate interventions.

My mission is to educate women on how to reduce their cardiovascular risk before, during and post pregnancy because research has shown that women who have adverse pregnancy outcomes (e.g., preeclampsia and hypertension) are more likely to die from heart disease and stroke. Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy rates are on the rise, and it’s vitally important that I help women understand that engaging in healthier lifestyles can go a long way in reducing their cardiovascular risk.

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I am a board-certified cardiologist with an interest in women’s heart health and cardio-obstetrics. My mission is to raise awareness of how cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of pregnancy-related deaths in the US and that almost two-thirds of the deaths are preventable! My goal is to educate women about the importance of healthy lifestyles to reduce their risk for heart disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes.