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I am a board-certified cardiologist with an interest in women’s heart health and cardio-obstetrics. My mission is to raise awareness of the link between cardiovascular health and maternal health and to continue to advocate for ongoing cardio-obstetrics research and care. My goal is to educate women about the importance of healthy lifestyles to reduce their risk for heart disease and adverse pregnancy outcomes.



She is knowledgeable in her field and has amazing bedside manner.

Irline Desir

Excellent Dr. specializing in Cardiology and wellness.

Ramona Gordy

23rd Street
Very knowledgeable and gifted in her career!
This page has abundance of information that everyone should implement in their lives.

Jason Warner

12 Main Road

Dr. Estelle is a bright and dynamic young doctor, well respected by her community, who cares about her patients and their wellbeing.

Marjory Sheba

4th Avenue
Irline DesirRamona Gordy, 23rd StreetJason Warner, 12 Main RoadMarjory Sheba, 4th Avenue

Career & Education

I completed my high school education at Science High School in Newark, NJ and was grateful to have been accepted to the 8-year combined BS/MD program at Montclair State University and Rutgers New Jersey Medical School (formerly known as UMDNJ- New Jersey Medical School). I ended up completing my undergraduate studies in 3 years instead.
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My Story

Although I overcame many adversities as a motherless child, I didn’t believe that my story was worth sharing with others until now… This change in perspective came about after several of my female patients wanted me to help them to have a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. These women had heard about the rising maternal death rates in the US, and they did not want to become a statistic.
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